Endocrine Disruptors

January 27, 2018 Tracy S 0 Comments

It was not long ago only that I had heard of this term of Endocrine Disruptors. I didnt know what they were nor how they affected our Endocrine system.


First up our endocrine system is made up of glands that produce hormones which help our bodies growth and development, to regulate our metabolism, sexual function, sleep and mood just to name a few.


For years I used to suffer from a host of womens health issues - irregular periods, heavy periods, ovarian cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, candida, cystitis you name it I pretty much had it.


I never really understood why or what the cause of it was. Until a few years ago. What I realised was that the source of my health issues were Endocrine disruptors.


So what are they? Well in a nutshell endocrine disruptors are things that disrupt the glands and hormones that are part of the endocrine system.


They can be found in the foods we eat, depending on how that food has been grown, quality of the soil, if there has been pesticides or chemicals used in the process.


Even the way foods have been packaged (using plastic or containing Bisphenol A - aka BPA) or how it has been grown (using pesticides or chemicals or if something has been Genetically Modified) have the same disruptive effects on our endocrine system.


What I never realised was how much of chemicals and toxins are also found in products that we put on our skin and face from cosmetics,  moisturisers, perfumes, deodorants, sunscreens,  as well as products like tampons, shampoo, conditioners and toothpaste.


Also included in this list are pharmaceutical drugs and medications and the things in our environment like toxic and chemical home cleaning and garden products.


Products that have things called parabens, sodium laureth sulphate  (or SLS), Phthalates, dioxin (pesticide), fragrance,  BPAs, to name a few.


So the next time you go shopping, try looking at the label to see if any of these may be listed on the panel. Now that I know more and better, I avoid these and look for alternative products that dont contain these on their list of ingredients.

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