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For as long as I can remember, health to me was all about not getting sick. I never stopped to think about what it was that made we feel well, or rather what it was that made me unwell. I just thought if I was sick I had picked up a virus from someone or from somewhere.. it was as simple as that! If I was sick, I would go to the doctor and get something that would make me feel better.

Then as I grew older, I started to experience a range of ‘ailments’ . Not really sick in bed with a cold or cough or fever or anything. But other little things, from constipation, to haemorrhoids, to bloating, headaches, tummy upsets, nausea and hernia. Then I noticed that I had developed other hormonal imbalances with missed periods, thrush, UTI’s, acne on my face and back, which later also led to more serious conditions of endometriosis, ovarian cysts, heavy bleeding menstrual cycles, to eventually having a hysterectomy.

All of this to me was just my ‘bad luck’ or fate, or genetics. Not for a second did I think about what else could be going on, what if all of this was as a result of the food I was eating, the products I was using on my skin, in my body, on my body, and around my body, the products I was using in my home for cleaning, washing. What I have learned now is that so many of all these factors have had a significant impact on my health, and were most definitely the causative reasons for my ailments. The stress that was put on my immune system from poor dietary choices, toxic products in my environment and what I used on my body were all destroying the ph balance of my body to maintain homeostasis (stability of internal environment of the body).

So what actually happens when the immune system is turned on regularly to help eliminate toxins from our body? Inflammation starts to build up. Over a long term period, this can develop into chronic inflammation, so the body then is unable to heal itself as it is constantly bombarded with oxidative stress.

There are a number of factors that contribute to inflammation from poor dietary choices, to toxins in our environment. Check out this article by Dr Axe who gives more information on inflammation and its causes, as well as what foods help to build immune system and reduce inflammation.

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