I would highly recommend Tracy after the experience I had after my first proper Iridology assessment. Being a health professional myself, I can't fault the professionalism, proficiency and most of all passion that is expressed through Tracy's knowledge on the subject of all things health. I am looking forward to continuing and comparing my results in the future.

Jill Mokrzycki, Chiropractor, Joondalup WA



For anyone considering an Iridology Consult then I would definitely recommend Tracy.
I had an Iridology assessment recently and found Tracy to be highly knowledgeable, friendly and professional. It is evident that Tracy takes pride in her work and in being able to help others with their own health journey.
The Iridology plan and report that Tracy devised for me was thorough and easy to put in place.
I look forward to a follow-up visit in the ensuing months to compare my results.

Maggie Browne, Retired, Perth WA



Tracy has been instrumental in changing my attitude toward health and wellness. I feel supported by and accountable to her in my efforts to ‘Stop Dieting only to put on double the weight’, and also to look deeper into my relationship with food and health.

Tracy has affirmed my revelation that the link between my emotional and health needs are undeniable.

She reminds me to be gentle on myself yet challenges my thinking toward nutrition and health management.

Diagnosed with very high cholesterol, I now realise more than just losing weight - I actually have a deeper level of healing to be done. It is my personal choice to stay away from medicine at the moment and try less invasive methods. Should I decide to go on cholesterol medication in the future, I want to use these months ahead to prepare my own organs/body and mind first - so as to receive whatever supplements/medication in the best state I can personally be in.

Tracy is very careful yet generous in her recommendations. She works with my desires and while she gives me all the information she can, she ensures I am in control of the decisions I embark on. She is very honest with her own health experiences and offers suggestions based on her extensive research and studies.

I always look forward to the week that Tracy and I have our Skype sessions; No matter how I feel or how busy and exhausted I am after work or a hard day, Tracys’ sessions energizes me and relaxes me in the ways that matter.

I have so much to say about our Health Coaching sessions but I will save it for when I have attained my first level Goal and hopefully get to share on her site more of my journey with Tracy as my health coach.

~ Mrs. Fernandez, Actress 53 years old - mother of 3 adults,


I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to you Tracy, not only have you given me some really good recommendations, but your non-intrusive follow up is fantastic. I would highly recommend you to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their daily health. THANK YOU again,

Phil Rigg
Perth , Western Australia


Tracy was recommended to me by a friend and Im glad he did. She is so professional and so easy to talk to. Her caring nature was so refreshing and I have learnt so much about the body in a relaxed atmosphere. She knows her stuff, I certainly will be telling all my friends about her. Thank you Tracy.

Denise McDonald
Perth, Western Australia


I have had 5 valuable Health Coaching calls from Tracy so far to help with my weight loss. I really appreciate her knowledge and encouragement over the past couple of months. I have been struggling with my weight post menopausal and was impressed with Tracy's knowledge and encouragement towards improving my eating habits, exercise and my mental approach towards my health and well being.  I appreciate her genuine concern and understanding towards my health.  The hours call each time flew with reasonable goals for me to work on till the next call.  Thank you so much for your invaluable assistance  Tracy.

Joy Disney
Adelaide, South Australia


Tracy did an iridology reading on me about 2 weeks ago. I was suffering from a UTI at the time but I didnt mention this to her as I wanted to see if it would show up in the reading!

It did! She picked up that there was something going on in the bladder area, along with some other areas in my body that also made sense.

Tracy is very thorough and explains what she is looking at so you get a good idea of what she is seeing. She also goes into what actions you can take to help you with healing the areas that need work.

I thoroughly recommend having Tracy help you in all areas of your health journey.

Jacqueline Mayor
Perth, Western Australia