Programs and Services

Iridology/Sclerology Intensive Package

What you will receive from this package is:

  • 1 hr consultation
  • In depth assessment of 3- 4 areas of concern
  • Detailed report outlining recommendations and plan including diet, emotional and mental causes, a wide range of holistic and alternative therapies to support all of these areas
  • One follow up service (10 min phone call) after a month

Cost: $150AUD


3 MONTH One on One Health Freedom Coaching Package

I currently have 10 spots available for this 3 month Health Coaching program. This will include:

  • 1 hour Health History, goal setting, consultation and recommendations with plan
  • 3 months health coaching that includes: Weekly 45 minute coaching sessions for 12 weeks
  • Ongoing support and guidance, recommendations, alternative option to work on specific areas of concern in health, weight loss, nutrition.
  • Deeper look into emotional and mental blocks that may be contributing to health
  • Information on current health trends, dietary theories and holistic alternatives for wellness

Cost: $1800 AUD


3 Week Group Online Information Workshops

Part 1 of 4 part Series:

Detox and Rejuvenate 

This package includes:

  • 3 weeks online via zoom app  for 45 minutes where a topic is covered (education/ information) for 30 mins followed by 15 mins for Questions and Answers within the group.
  • For this course the topics each week are:
    • 1. How to Low- Tox your life
    • 2. The Body's Channels of Elimination
    • 3. Love your Liver
  • Weekly activities for participants to do each week as part of ‘homework’
  • Participants of the course will be put into a Secret FB group where they can post questions, thoughts, suggestions, support, recommendations etc within the group.
  • Weekly zoom calls will be recorded and put into the files of the FB group so that if participants are not able to make the Zoom call for whatever reason they will have access to view and listen to them at their convenience.

NOTE: This course will only run when there is a minimum of 3 participants registered.

Cost: $210 AUD per person


Coming Soon.....3 week series of courses below

Part 2 of 4 Part Series: 

  • Emotional Stress and its impact on Health

Part 3 of 4 Part Series:

  • Wholefoods vs Processed Foods

Part 4 of 4 Part Series:

  • 7 Principles of Health

Also coming...

  • 4 Week Health Gut Healthy Life Program
  • 8 Week Balance your Hormones Program

What is Health Coaching?

What does a Health Coach actually do? I have been asked this question many times. Most people seem to think that a health coach is someone who is there to help ‘whip’ you into shape and prescribe special diets and exercises. Well, this is really not at all what I do.

As a health coach, I am here to provide you with as much support, information, knowledge and guidance in the areas of both Primary and Secondary food (something I will be talking about a lot during our coaching sessions) and helping you to discover the solutions for yourself based on your own bioindividuality.  I will provide you with information on a wide range of dietary theories should you wish to try them out for yourself, or alternatively help you with looking at possible causes of emotional eating, breaking eating habits, cravings. We will look at how stress, relationships, physical activity, career all play a roe in health and empower you to make the connections of these areas to your own health and wellness.

Health Coaching Package # 1

Freedom 3 month Program

This program is designed for the coach and client to meet fortnightly in person/ via Zoom/ telephone for an hour each time. This program runs over a 3 month period to help anyone who is looking to break free of habits and requiring motivation and support in their challenges in the area of health and wellness. It is specifically designed over a 3 month period to help in making lasting lifestyle changes.

What is included:

  • Initial 1 hour Health History, consultation, Goal Setting
  • 12 one on one 45 minute fortnightly coaching sessions
  • information on Food, Recipes, dietary theories and a wide range of natural healing options to support wellness
  • support, guidance, recommendations, alternative options to work on areas of concern including mental and emotional blocks
  • accountability in setting and working towards goals and tracking of progress
  • access to a network of health professionals

Cost $1,800 AUD

Health Coaching Package #2
Online Group Health Coaching

What is included:

  • Initial 1hr Health History Consult (this is done on an Individual basis)
  • 12 x  1 hour Group Health Coaching sessions (done weekly)
  • Minimum of 3 and Maximum of 6 people in group
  • Various topics of discussion each fortnight targeting areas of concern, alternatives, guidance, recommendations, weight loss, nutrition, mental and emotional blocks
  • Information on current health trends, dietary theories, and holistic alternatives for wellness
  • accountability buddy for support and keeping on track with progress

Cost $750AUD per person

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Intensive Iridology/ Sclerology Assessments:

Eye Opener

For those who wish to have an in depth assessment the Intensive Package is available:

This includes:

  • 1hr Consultation and Assessment
  • in depth assessment of areas of concern
  • detailed report outlining recommendations and plan covering diet, emotional and mental causes, and a wide range of alternative and holistic therapies to support all areas of concern
  • Follow up service (10 minute phone call) 1 month after consult

Cost     : $150 AUD per person

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